RapidFIRE Pull

Windsor Wire has an expansive selection of custom-printed bundled fire alarm cables to choose from to help fit your cable needs. Here at Windsor Wire, we have FPLP, FPLR, LL5, and Cl style cables in stock and can bundle them for you ahead of your upcoming job. All these cables can also be custom printed upon to help you keep them organized and properly identify each wire’s location and function.

Alternatively, you can provide us with the fire alarm cables you need for your job, and we can bundle them for you and custom-print text onto them if needed. In addition, we will ensure your cables will come in the appropriate custom configuration based on your fire alarm or related system requirements. Simply arrive on the worksite with all of the prep work done so that you can get the job done right and in fraction of the time it would normally take.

If you have any questions about our custom-printed bundled fire alarm cable service, please give us a call at 802.674.6555. We are always happy to talk with customers to help them gain a better understanding of different cable types and applications, and we will accommodate your needs to the best of our abilities!

RapidFIRE Pull

Bundled Fire Alarm

  • Custom printed
  • Custom configuration
  • Mix gauges
  • Mix shielded and unshielded
  • FPLP, FPLR, LL5, Cl
  • Plenum binder available

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