Custom Wire Solutions

In a market where every minute matters, saving time will undoubtedly save you money; and Rapidpull, combined with our Experienced Account Managers, can do just that. Rapidpull is a UL listed, custom manufactured wire assembly. It is built in parallel configuration with either a waxed nylon binder or intermittent cross taping, and is assembled to your specific job requirements. Using Rapidpull, you can construct bundles using a variety of distinctive wires, such as Building Wire, Electronic Cable, Coax, Fire Alarm, and Telecommunications Wire; the selected wires can be in any combination of wire type, gauge, color, and stranding. Every cable conductor is printed with a unique customer specified alpha-numeric ID that can be repeated up to every inch and a half of the total length. Once complete, the assembly will arrive on site, pre-spooled, pre-tagged and ready to be “pulled.”

  • UL Listed
  • Wire Striping and Twisting
  • Any combination of sizes, colors and conductors
  • Custom Printed up to every 6 inches
  • Durable waxed nylon binder or pull tabs
  • Staggered & drop configurations available
  • Stackable
  • Made in the USA
  • 75% Labor Savings

Best of all, your order ships promptly, saving you time, and money!

Custom Bundled Cable

  • Combine multiple conductors into one pull
  • Reduce labor costs
  • No excess wire at the end of the pull
  • 75% increase in efficiency for setup and installation over traditional wire pulling methods
  • Each conductor is custom printed every 6 inches
  • Stackable
  • No minimum length
  • Eliminate marking mistakes
  • Eliminate termination errors
  • Max 3” OD
  • Wire is in a parallel formation
  • For solid and stranded wire

Custom Printing

  • Alpha-Numeric characters, Symbols, Words, Sentences
  • Available print in Black or White ink
  • Printed message repeats every 1–6 inches along wire
  • No minimum length
  • Print adheres to NO LUBE cable
  • Building wire, Electronic cable, Coax, Fire Alarm, Telecommunications
  • 24AWG- 1000 MCM
  • Durable Print
  • Sunlight resistant
  • Maintains UL certification of wire

Stacked Reel

  • Combine multiple wire pulls onto 1 reel
  • Each pull is individually marked and separated by a layer of shrink wrap
  • Make multiple pulls from 1 point without swapping reels
  • Labor savings
  • Minimizes time between pulls
  • Customer selects order of pay out of pulls

Sequential Footage Marks

  • Sequential footage marking every foot total length of wire
  • Available on 24AWG- #1 AWG
  • Ensures accurate lengths of cable
  • 500ft or 2500ft reels

Wire Striping

  • Differentiate same color conductors
  • Black, Red, Blue, White, Brown, Orange, Yellow, Gray, Green, Pink, Purple
  • Linear Stripe
  • Spiral stripe upon request
  • Can combine with RapidPRINT custom message
  • 24AWG- 1000 MCM
  • Durable stripe
  • Solid and stranded wire

Twisted Cable

  • Cable twisted around each other
  • Twisted pairs
  • Multi conductor twisting
  • 18AWG- 6AWG
  • Solid or stranded
  • Custom configurations available
  • Non-standard color combinations
  • Non-standard lengths

Custom Bundled DATA-COMM Cable

  • Designed for all types of networking projects
  • Stop kinking of wire when pulling from boxes
  • No need to “weight down” pull boxes
  • Custom printed
  • Category 5E, 6, 6E, 6A
  • Fiber optic cable
  • Max 3” OD overall cable
  • Loose Binder doesn’t affect properties of wire

Bundled Fire Alarm

  • Custom printed
  • Custom configuration
  • Mix gauges
  • Mix shielded and unshielded
  • FPLP, FPLR, LL5, Cl
  • Combine a variety of wires into a single pull to complete the job in less time
  • Custom mix of wire types
  • Combine different gauges of cable
  • Combine multiple colors of cable
  • 3” max OD of cable
  • A protective jacket for wire
  • Alternative to labor-intensive cable-in-conduit installations
  • Steel or aluminum armor
  • Custom configuration of inners
  • Custom print and stripe inners
  • Max 1” OD of inners
  • Minimum 1000ft runs
  • Good for pulling bundled wire
  • Wire mesh Grip
  • Reduce setup time with ready-to-pull wire
  • Increase productivity
  • Installed in controlled setting
  • Half hitch style available
  • Ideal for installations where cables separate at designated locations
  • Drop points to be specified at time of ordering
  • Conductors are bundled together at one end of cable
  • Choose which end of cable to start pulling from
  • Designated wires are grouped separately
  • Can make loops at drop points for continuous cable
  • Paralleled wire secured by nylon tape
  • Easy to remove pull tabs by pulling on exposed tab
  • Spaced every 5FT–15FT based on customer preference
  • Won’t snag during pull
  • Simulate pulling loose cable
  • Prevents wire from tangling on itself

Custom Binding

  • Keep wire neatly secured in a parallel configuration
  • Available in varying tightness
  • Waxed nylon binder
  • Spiral wrap- Single binder
  • Cross wrap- Double Binder
  • Footage tape upon request

*Plenum binder available

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