In an effort to ensure that your wire-pulling jobs go as smoothly and efficiently as possible, Windsor Wire offers the highest-quality armored wires and electrical cables on the market today. By having us secure your needed cables in a protective jacket prior to your job, you can avoid the labor-intensiveness associated with cable-in-conduit installations. This way, you can focus on the job itself rather than spend time preparing the cables you need to pull.

We can provide you with armored wires or electrical cables that are wrapped in steel or aluminum armor with a max outer diameter of 1.5”. We are also capable of ensuring the cables within the armored jacket are in any custom configuration you may require. We’re also capable of custom-printing on the individual wires within the protective jacket so that you can easily identify each wire. You can either provide us with the wires you will use on your job so that we may armor and label them, or we can provide you with the wires you need for your job if you have not yet acquired them.

If you wish to have us provide you with armored wires and electrical cables, please reach out to us at 802.674.6555 or email at and we will respond within 48 hours, or as soon as we can!


  • A protective jacket for wire
  • Alternative to labor-intensive cable-in-conduit installations
  • Steel or aluminum armor
  • Custom configuration of inners
  • Custom print and stripe inners
  • Max 1” OD of inners
  • Minimum 1000ft runs

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