About Us

Who We Are

Windsor Wire was founded in 2001. Our goal is to provide our customers with the widest array of printing and bundling options, at the most competitive prices with the shortest delivery times in the industry.

We are a dedicated group of wire and cable professionals with a combined 50 years of experience serving our customers printing and bundling requirements.

Our RapidPull System

In a market where every minute matters, saving time will undoubtedly save you money; and Rapidpull, combined with our Experienced Account Managers, can do just that. Rapidpull is a UL listed, custom manufactured wire assembly. It is built in parallel configuration with either a waxed nylon binder or intermittent cross taping, and is assembled to your specific job requirements. Using Rapidpull, you can construct bundles using a variety of distinctive wires, such as Building Wire, Electronic Cable, Coax, Fire Alarm, and Telecommunications Wire; the selected wires can be in any combination of wire type, gauge, color, and stranding. Every cable conductor is printed with a unique customer specified alpha-numeric ID that can be repeated up to every inch and a half of the total length. Once complete, the assembly will arrive on site, pre-spooled, pre-tagged and ready to be “pulled.” Best of all, your order ships promptly, saving you time, and money!

Our Mission

We will provide Quality and Value Added Service to Our Customers by fully supporting a partnership of our employees, Our Suppliers, and The Community. We will conform to these requirements to achieve perfection in all aspects of our work.

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