Custom-Striped Wires & Cables

Windsor Wire offers a premium selection of custom-striped wires and cables to choose from. We have 11 standard solid colors to choose from when color coding your cables, but depending on the job, this may not be a wide enough variety of colors to help you keep everything in order.

This is why we offer striped wires to assist you on jobs involving many wires. We provide spiral and straight-line striped wires and cables, which increases your effective number of color-coded cable options by a substantial amount. You can either provide us with your own wires to have us custom stripe them in advance of your job, or we can provide wires with the color-coded and striped specifications you require.

By having custom-striped wires or cables already set up before you arrive on the jobsite, you can save time and manpower needed to set up your cables. If you have any questions getting custom-striped wires for your next job, please call us at 802.674.6555 or email us at and we will respond as soon as we possibly can!