Twisted Pair Wires

Windsor Wire Company offers custom twisted pair wires that are suited to the needs of your upcoming job. You can choose which wire types, the wires’ gauges, and their color prior to our twisting and pairing them together or you can provide us with the wires you’ll be using on your upcoming job, and we can twist them together for you so that you can hit the ground running once you make it to the jobsite.

Having two different-colored wires that are already intertwined will help you distinguish between the two cables more easily and run them simultaneously with little issue. By having us twist your wires together before you arrive at the worksite, you can save the time and manpower that would have normally been spent preparing for your pull.

We can twist wires that are between 18-10 AWG, can twist together wires of differing jacket material, and can twist both solid and stranded cables together as needed. If you do not have wires to provide to us, we can offer them to you in a variety of colors, gauges, and wire types.

If you have any questions or concerns whatsoever regarding our pre-twisted pair wire service or any of our other products, please call us at 802.674.6555 or contact us via email at, and we will respond right away!