Custom-Printed Data Wiring

Pulling communication and networking cables can be a tricky and often difficult process, which is why we have the perfect option for your upcoming cable projects. Windsor Wire offers pre-bundled, custom-printed data wiring communication cables for all types of networking projects. Our bundled data wires are designed so that when they come out of the box, they will not kink when pulled. Because our data wiring bundles also come with the option of being custom printed, you can properly label and organize all your networking cables.

Whatever project you are undertaking, we can bundle Cat 5E, 6, and 6A cables together for you. This will help improve overall productivity as you will not need to pull each individual wire and can easily avoid tangles or kinks in your wires. The binders we package your custom-printed data wiring in have a max outer diameter of 3”, but the loose outer binder will not negatively impact the properties of your wires as you pull them.

If you have any questions regarding our custom-printed data wiring service, please call us at 802.674.6555 or e-mail us at, and we will respond right away!